From Notes to Brand

Turn Your Knowledge Into A Profitable One-Person Business

I'll Help You Turn Your Note-Taking Skills Into a Personal Brand

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section 1: Core frustration

Monetize Your Knowledge

What if you could use your notes, knowledge, and passions to create a profitable one-person business?

Your note-taking skills have led you to build a secret gold mine of knowledge in your notes.

With my unique framework, you will learn the exact simple systems you need to turn your notes into a profitable online business!

Transform your Productivity Systems to A Profitable One-Person Business

section 2: naming the struggles

A Journey Without A Map Leads To Frustration.

"If you don't know to which port you sail, no wind is favorable."

― Seneca

Maybe You've Experienced The Following:

  • You've thought about creating content online, but feel overwhelmed and unclear on where to start.
  • Or perhaps you have tried to create content online, but it feels like a popularity contest with no profits in sight.
  • Maybe you've seen other's create content and make a living on a topic where you feel you know more than them. You just need the right tools to take over the world.
  • Or you've even taken it a step further and already purchased other courses, but the information provided there has made you feel more overwhelmed instead of giving you the clarity you need.

section 3: hope

You'll Be Able To Build Your Ideal Business By:

  • Following your own curiosity to learn what you want.
  • Learning the right roadmap to online monetization.
  • Knowing how to find the exact clients who will benefit from your teachings.

section 4: misconception

I Know You Have Doubts, But You Can Achieve This...

section 5: success story

My Journey...

My name is Santi!

I've been making a full-time income online for the past three years, all thanks to the knowledge I have acquired from endless hours of learning.

And now I want to teach you the path that got me here as efficiently as possible.

My goal is to help you save as much time as possible in your journey toward becoming a full-time creator.

I've Made A Full-Time Income Online For The Past 3 Years

For the last 3 years, I've sold my digital products to over 1,000 people and managed to turn this into my full-time job, even with a relatively small audience.

I get to have full control over my day-to-day life while building a business that I love and heading towards my own financial freedom.

The Right Mindset and Systems

Just a few years ago, I was stuck creating content for years without understanding how to monetize it.

For me it took a few simple mindset shifts and systems that finally helped me to do the necessary work to successfully start my own profitable business, freeing me from having to work for someone else.

My goal is to help you achieve the freedom you deserve through all the knowledge you have.

An Example of How My Previous Courses Have Helped My Students:

Why Learn From Me?

What I'll teach you here is unlike anything else. For years, I've been a note-taking nerd who fully understands what you are going through...

You have a lot of ideas, but you haven't been able to understand how to make your ideas public and turn them into a profitable business.

I've Walked Your Steps, Let Me Help You Save Years Off Your Journey

You won't find anyone else online teaching you exactly what I'll teach you.

Even if you could learn some of what you'll learn with me from bigger creators with millions of followers, they are too big to even remember the struggles of getting started. I know exactly what it takes to get you on the right path from day one.

In this program, I'm taking on a limited number of people so that I can give you the attention, care, and dedication you need, which bigger creators simply can't offer.

Based on real life experience, I'll teach you the exact path you need to find success in the online game, using your existing strengths and skills.

"I Can Only Show You The Door. You're The One That Has To Walk Through It"

- Morpheus From The Matrix

section 6: the promise

In this course you'll learn how to:

What You'll Create

Tools and Systems

Sell Your Knowledge

Create a profitable digital product that you can sell immediately.

section 7: introduce the offer (mockup)

section 8: introduce yourself section 9: bridge the gap

By learning with me, you'll supercharge and speed up your journey to becoming a solopreneur.

You'll learn how to monetize your content, build an audience, and leverage your personal brand to make a living from your content.

With my course, you'll be able to create a life you love and make money while doing so.

Begin Your Hero's Journey

This course is a live experience where you'll meet like-minded people with the same ambitions and journey.

I'll take you from a complete beginner to the proud owner of your own personal brand. A profitable one-person business that allows you to live a life you love.

You'll go from feeling lost to..

section 10: bells and whistles

An Interactive Way Of Learning

All The Support And Accountability You Need

This is an interactive live course, so you'll be able to join on the starting date. However, so that you can get started straight away upon enrollment, you'll have immediate access to video lessons to help you get started.

On Day 1 of our live sessions, you'll enter a new experience of learning. This is not just a traditional Zoom call event...

Metaverse Learning Experience

We won't use Zoom for our calls. Instead, We'll use a new metaverse platform. This is a unique experience where you'll feel as if you are here with us.

You'll get to choose your virtual character to interact with myself and other students in our virtual space.

You'll have a space to network an interact with other students.

When I deliver my live presentations you'll take your character to the auditorium where you'll take a virtual seat amongst your peers.

Then you'll be able to come on stage and ask your questions which you'll move across our virtual auditorium to interact with other students and ask questions.

This sounds awesome, but you're probably worried if you'll need some special equipment or tech knowledge. Don't worry, all you need is a computer or phone and it's as easy to access as Zoom. Trust me, it's going to be incredible.

section 11: OPTIONAL (Tier Pricing differences)

section 12: Enroll now

section 13: What your life will look like post-course

By the end of this course, you'll have...

section 14: Who is this for? Not for

What types of people will benefit from this course?

This course is the right fit for you if...

This course is NOT the right fit for you if...

section 15: FAQ

The 9 - 5 Rat Race Is Not A Life Plan

Save Yourself The Pain and Frustration Of Going Alone

I've spent several thousands dollars on courses in hopes of understanding the online game of making money.

In this course, I'll teach you everything I've learned from my top role models, and more importantly, I'll share the lessons from my experience executing everything I've learned.

If you follow what I'll teach you, you'll literally shave years of pain and frustration off your journey.

A Normal Life Is Not The Good Life

You don't want to be another normal person, you want an extraordinary life. It's time to take action!

I'll give you everything you need to get started, and put your future in your own hands.

This course is crafted to aid you in acquiring skills to monetize your online content and equip you with the exact tools you need to succeed, making it easier for you to follow the path toward your own success.

This Is The Course I Wish Existed When I First Got Started

For years, I was so frustrated, trying to build a successful online business to avoid the 9-5 life. Ultimately, it took me a lot of time and many failed attempts. I would have given anything to have had this course when I was first starting out. Now that I work on my online business full-time, I want to share with you all the lessons I have learned to help you save years on your journey.

I'll Help You Save Time And Avoid Frustration

This course will save you so much time on your journey. Without this great resource, the frustration of constant failure might fully stop you from even trying. Doing this alone, without any help, can be frustrating; I'm here to help you.

From Notes to Profit

What if I told you that the lessons you learned from your note-taking and productivity tools can be transitioned into starting a business to make money from it?

Is Being a Solopreneur for You?

Becoming a solopreneur is about possessing a clear vision, a burning desire for your work, and the courage to share your knowledge online.

Do you value independence and creative freedom?

Are you prepared to be your own boss, making crucial choices daily?

If this resonates with you, solopreneurship could be your calling.

What Skills Are You Going To Acquire?

I'll teach you everything I know to succeed in the digital world.

Equip Yourself with Essential Skills for Success

With my step-by-step framework, you will know exactly how to approach every step of the way.

Voice Your Ideas

You will navigate through the nuances of social media marketing to capture and engage audiences in the most efficient and fulfilling ways.

Moving Beyond The Basics

As you move out of the beginner stage, I will teach you the exact roadmap you need to monetize your online content. I will help you gain the clarity you need to approach this for long-term success.

BONUS: You Also Get Access To All My Other Courses On Note-taking Tools

BONUS 1: Tana Course Included (Priced At $197)

Tana is an incredible note-taking tool for organizing all of your thoughts and projects.

Tana is an outliner and a database. In simpler terms, everything in tana is a bullet point, and it has incredible filters to find and organize anything you need.

As an example I use Tana as:

I'll help you speed-up your Tana learning process so that you can start working on what truly matters to you sooner!

Use Tana To:

Develop Your Personal Tasks System ‍ Create Advanced Databases (Filtered Tables) ‍ Organize and Work on All of Your Projects in One Place


Tana has helped me unify my workflow. Previously, I used several apps for notes, tasks, and projects... Now I can do all of that in Tana. I don't think there is a perfect all-in-one app, but Tana is as close as it gets.


Having good digital systems has helped me avoid feeling constantly overwhelmed. If you stumbled upon this corner of the internet, you and I are the same. I want to share what I've learned with you, to help save valuable time, and supercharge your PKM system. I used to overload my brain trying to remember every single task and idea. Now I know I can save every important thought in my trusted digital mind!


Tana is currently invite-only.

Good news is, you get a free invite included with your membership.

To Get Your Invite You Must Apply For It Using The "Invite Form" In The Course.

BONUS 2: Obsidian Course Included (Priced At $197)

BONUS 3: Logseq Course Included (Priced At $197)

Enroll Today And You'll Get:

Full Live Course (Priced at $997)

If you enroll today, you'll get access to 6 sessions of live calls, and their recordings.

There I'll walk you through the entire step-by-step framework.

You get to ask questions and network with fellow students on the same journey as you.

Community (Priced At $350)

This package includes access to a 6 months of my community of like-minded people.

You'll get to ask questions, give feedback, and offer support - an invaluable tool to help you achieve your goals.

6 months of community would usually be priced at $350. You get this included, in today's package.

Bonus Courses (Priced At $591)

You get the best training on productivity apps with my included courses:

BONUS 1: Tana Course BONUS 2: Obsidian Course BONUS 3: Logseq Course

Total Value of $1938

This is what it would cost you to buy all of this, but obviously, I won't charge you that.

Full Access Will Soon Increase To $997

This is the price I'll charge before the doors close. However, the good news is that you got here earlier, which means...

If You Enroll Today You Can Unlock It All For A One-Time Payment Of $447

This is the price for you if you join before the 5th of September 2023. There are limited spots left, so make sure you secure your spot today!

There's Zero Risk On Your Side With:

"The Roadmap to Success Crazy Risk-Free Guarantee"

I believe this is the roadmap you need to find your own success. I'll only be happy if you are happy. That's why I'm offering this crazy guarantee.

Most live courses don't offer guarantees like this, but I'm willing to take the risk so you don't have to.

If, at the end of the course, you feel you haven't learned enough to start your online business, simply reach out and let me know, and I'll give you your money back.

To protect myself from people who try to take advantage of this crazy guarantee, all I ask is that you attend the live sessions and put the advice into action to be eligible for the refund.

If you do that and still aren't happy by the date of the last live session, let me know, and I'll refund you, no problem.

Sometimes life gets in the way. I want to give you peace of mind in case something happens. If you're all set to dive into the live sessions, but life throws a curveball and you can't make it, don't worry.

I'll make sure you can access the replays and all the resources you need. But if that's not enough, just let me know, and we can process a refund, or you can get a seat in a future live course at no extra cost. I've got you covered.

You’ve got nothing to lose, you either find your way to success, or you get your money back.

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